Doctor A Cosmetics: Natural, Ethically Sourced Skincare.

Launched in 2021, Doctor A Cosmetics was set up by Dr Anika Walia. The range includes three products that revolutionizes customers’ skincare treatment(s).

There’s an Intensely exotic night repair moisturiser, a Vitamin C brightening moisturiser, and a 24K gold royalty treatment.

The brand is committed to providing skincare solutions with high-quality, 100% naturally-derived and ethically-sourced ingredients, including fruit extracts, plant extracts, and vitamins. Doctor A Cosmetics is also a socially conscious brand, focused on giving back to the community, using sustainable, eco-friendly packaging to help protect our planet.

Dr Anika Walia is a qualified dentist and the Founder of Anika Food Charity. She’s won three awards for her philanthropic work, including the Charity Queen Award from Miss England, The Diana Award (the highest award a young person can receive for their social humanitarian work), and the British Citizen Award.

She’s combined her knowledge of healthcare with her passion for skincare, to provide plant-powered, natural formulas and ingredients for the skin at Doctor A Cosmetics.

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“I’ve always been passionate about skincare from a young age, especially as I suffered from very severe acne while growing up. It took a huge toll on my self-esteem, and I tried everything from over-the-counter products, to prescription-based medication,” said Anika.

“From my own experience, many brands out there add a lot of unnecessary chemicals into their products which actually aggravates the skin more. That’s why I launched Doctor A Cosmetics. For skincare to be more transparent, ingredient-focused, and to derive real results,” she added.

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