Hedonist Believes In The Transformative Power Of Scent.

Founded in 2021, Hedonist believes in the transformative power of scent, exploring the emotive response that people have to evocative scent stories.

The brand’s hero product line is their scented canes, which are vegan, and they come with a dust cover made out of seeds. So once the candle has fully burned out, the cover can be planted in the candle vessel, and used as a plant pot.

I Founded Hedonist after working as a makeup artist for many years, and after seeing a lot of toxic trends and unrealistic ideals being forced onto customers,” said Founder George.

I wanted to create a brand that was totally inclusive, that focused on well-being and self care. We take a person centric approach to everything that we do. Hedonist is all about being selfish in the best possible way,” added George.

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Hedonist’s products have been featured in British Vogue, and last year, the brand hosted a successful pop up in John Lewis.

Find out more here: https://www.hedonistselfcare.com