Chicken Crackling: Crispy Chicken Skins (In Snacking Packs).

Chicken Crackling: five bespoke crispy chicken skin flavours: they’re high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making them a key feature in any Keto-based diet.

Behind the creation of Chicken Crackling, is the advertising copywriter and the successful entrepreneur, Robert Jebb. Robert spent fifteen years working for various London advertising agencies, creating original campaigns for his clients, before deciding one day, that he wanted to create something for himself.

So he sat in a room with a pen and paper, and he reminded himself of one of his all-time favourite things: the family Sunday lunch, and in particular, the crispy skin from roast chickens. Firstly, he came up first with the name, “FOWL Scratchings,” but the name didn’t quite catch on…

In 2019, after two years of research and development, Robert secured investment for his company, Little Bobby Jebb Foods Ltd, and he built a bespoke cooking and packing facility in the West Midlands, and full-scale production on the new brand, “The Original Chicken Crackling,” began.

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In 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we cooked our first ton of Chicken skins in a single day,” recalled Robert. “In 2022, the business welcomed the Founder of Corker’s Crisps, Rod Garnham as Operations Director. He has given us many years’ experience in the snack industry.”

Robert’s delicious creations are available for catering, front of house bar top snacks, starters, and cocktails, thanks to its resealable pouches, which are perfect for food service and hospitality clients. The packs are available in five flavours, but they’re also completely unseasoned, offering chefs and landlords a huge range of applications, served cold or warm with dips and salts.

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