Novomins: The Brand That’s Sold 10.5M+ Individual Gummy Bites

Novomins is a fast-growing UK vitamin company, with 24 products (17 for adults, and 7 for kids), and women bio-balance gummies for intimate and gut microflora.

Founded in 2020 by Dr Peter McQuillan and Akil Memishi, Novomins has sold over 10.5M individual gummy bites, raking in over £2.5M in revenue, with its tasty, squishy supplements for both adults and kids.

Novomins’ products are gluten-free, non-GMO, they don’t include chemicals, and their mission is to change people’s views on vitamins and nutrition.

We set out to disturb the vitamin world with a delicious alternative to chunky, hard-to-swallow, unpalatable pills. In two years, our customers have consumed over 11million of our gummies. Our plans to create a delicious blend of potent supplements has now become a public demand, as we expand deeper in women’s health and child nutrition,” said Dr Peter McQuillan.

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Dr Peter McQuillan graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Dental Surgery, and a diploma in orthodontics (Dip. Ortho). Since the beginning of his carrier over a decade ago, he’s appeared on TV, and he’s won numerous awards. Novomins’ other Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Akil Memishi, graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bsc Hons in Pharmacology and Neuroscience.

Akil has held positions in drug safety and pharmacovigilance, and he was responsible for monitoring and reporting the effectiveness, adverse effects, and side effects of pharmaceutical products undergoing research and development, as well as existing products on the market. Since 2020, the first director of the dating app Huggles, Valerie Stark, has joined the board of the company.

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