ZAG Drinks: Pioneering And Refreshing Alcohol-Free Drinks.

Launched by the “I’m Still Standing Brewery” (which is headquartered in London UK), ZAG Drinks is heading up a revolutionary new “Social Softs” drinks category.

When compared to other traditional alcohol-free options, ZAG (alongside its one-of-a-kind flavour) is low sugar, low calorie, and it’s completely free of artificial sweeteners.

The drink is a sophisticated combination of distinctive flavours. Instead of replicating the standard alcohol-free drink experience, its key ingredients include a complex blend of green tea, cucumber, citrus, mint, kombucha, and natural hemp flavouring.

Alongside growing both the brand and our team, it’s our aim to continue to educate both consumers and trade contacts around the importance of offering a diverse range of non-alcoholic drinks that cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and palettes, which fall under our brand new drinks category: ‘Social Softs,” said the brand’s Co-Founder, Jerry Goldberg.

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Having recently partnered with London’s largest free festival, Summer by the River at London Bridge, ZAG is available for customers to enjoy at Riverside Terrace and Vinegar Yard throughout the summer. ZAG was Co-Founded by Fraser Duncan and Jerry Goldberg two years ago, after they realised that there was a gap in the market for an adult drink that was low sugar, that didn’t contain alcohol, or compromise on flavour or ingredients.

At the helm of ZAG Drinks is Bonnie Hatcher, who brings a wealth of experience to ZAG, with over ten years spent in marketing. The trio brings a collective fifty years’ experience in hospitality and start-ups to the sector.

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