S’WHEAT: The Reusable Bottle (Made From Wheat And Plants).

S’wheat (the reusable bottle made from sustainably sourced wheat straw and plant-based materials) was launched by two young Scottish entrepreneurs back in 2018.

It all started when Amee Ritchie and Jake Elliott-Hook embarked on a mission to create the first ever reusable bottle made from plant-based materials. After two years of intense research, they created S’wheat, which is made from naturally grown wheat straw.

Designed and made in Scotland, the bottle is inspired by the diverse Scottish mountain ranges, mist-filled lochs, and ancient forests. With each bottle sold, S’wheat removes 20 lbs of ocean-bound plastic, and they’ll plant a trackable native tree in each customer’s name.

We wanted to create a new material that would be as durable as plastic, but without the negative consequences. We found everything we needed in nature,” said S’wheat’s Jake Elliott-Hook.

The bottle comes equipped with a natural ‘eco-insulated’ thermal wall technology, allowing it to hold both hot and cold liquids. It also comes with a reinforced clip-on handle that can be attached to backpacks, making it ideal for those who are passionate about adventuring outdoors, whilst still remaining environmentally conscious.

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We started from humble beginnings, via a crowdfunding campaign. The response we had was extremely positive, raising over 230% more than our goal in just 30 days. Since then, we’ve been continuously increasing our environmental impact, planting trees, taking plastic out of the ocean, starting projects that protect the wildlife and sea life, and so much more,” said S’wheat’s Amee Ritchie.

Amee Ritchie and Jake Elliott-Hook started S’wheat in whilst Amee was studying beauty therapy, and Jake was studying psychology and sociology. They were shocked by the sheer number of single use plastic bottles that were being thrown away by students, and they decided to create a sustainable, circular, and practical solution.

S’wheat was the result.

Find out more here: https://www.swheatbottle.com