The Neurocosmetics Movement: Meet Children of Σarth Skincare

Set up in 2021, Children of Σarth helps customers to achieve great skin and great mental health; creating a positive contribution on the overall health of women.

From face oils, to cleansing balms, to body wash and body lotion, Children of Σarth is truly shaking up the industry. The brand is backed by an incredible team of experts, who’ve worked at the likes of Wildsmith Skin, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Pai Skincare, and more.

Each of Children of Σarth’s products have been safety assessed, tested and reviewed for over a year, by a community of experts from big skincare companies, to guide the brand towards finalising their skin and mind-focused beauty concept, with pioneering planet-friendly packaging.

Arabella Nesselrode Founded Children of Σarth in 2021, having spent several years working in finance and private equity, for companies such as Deloitte and Amazon, before becoming a mother. Whilst a lot of research had been done on the gut-brain connection, Arabella realised that much less research had been done on the skin-brain connection. However, the science surrounding the impact of ingredients on the skin and mind is growing.

As a result, Arabella decided to remedy this dilemma, creating Children of Σarth as a collective of minds, powered by PhD neuroscientists, and top natural skincare formulators, who are seeking to optimise this skin-brain connection, via the power of the 25 neurotransmitters located in the skin.

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After the pandemic, becoming a new mother, and after an eye accident from household cleaning products, I questioned everything that was in skincare, and I looked into beauty rituals and ingredients that were beneficial to both the skin and the mind,” said Arabella.

Since launching, Children of Σarth has caught the attention of the Editor of Harrods’ magazine, who posted a review of the brand during Earth Day, stating “we need more brands like this on the planet.” They’ve also been featured in the Metro, and they’re a proud partner in a luxury sustainability forum, too.

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