Get Confident With Bump And Milk: Stylish Clothing For Mums.

Bump And Milk was Founded in 2020 by a mother-of-two, named Aleksandra Goyal. The brand makes beautiful clothing that helps mothers to feel more confident.

The clothes are designed for maternity and breastfeeding. The range includes dresses that makes breastfeeding easier with an adjustable zip (100% of the brand’s packaging is recyclable).

From late night feeds to constant crying, Aleksandra has experienced every high and low of motherhood. She understands the despair of breastfeeding in difficult places, and the closeness of holding a new-born.

Aleksandra (a dentist by trade) launched the brand, because she wanted to change the narrative surrounding motherhood, and to show mothers that they don’t need to wear frumpy, outdated clothes whilst they’re pregnant. Instead, they can wear stylish, fashion-forward items that will see them through their pregnancy, with Bump and Milk.

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“I created this brand to change the narrative of maternity clothing. The purpose of the brand is to show pregnant women that you can look stylish whilst being pregnant, with our range of comfortable, affordable clothing,” said Aleksandra.

Since launching, Bump and Milk has been featured in Glamour UK, The Independent, Elle, and YOU magazine.

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