The Big Reveal: Check Out Owen Drew’s Exciting New Re-brand

Owen Drew (the multi award-winning Merseyside-based fragrance house) has finally dropped its long-awaited, exciting new re-brand. Check it out on Gramersi today.

Last year, we announced that Owen Drew had officially “signed on the dotted line,” after successfully securing £50,000 on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den from Touker Suleyman.

After receiving the investment, Owen Drew engaged the services of a London-based creative agency, to redesign and reconfigure the entire brand. A total of three concepts were created, but it was the final iteration that received the unanimous approval from Drew, Michael, and of course, Touker’s team.

“A clear and concise brand identity has always been lacking, and it was needed to convey the ethos of what drives us,” said the Owen Drew team.

Although customers might be sad to see the end of their infamous baby pink branding, fear not, as the new direction “express[es] the pure nature of our products, and it communicate[s] the sense of calm and peacefulness they inspire,” said the lads.

“The new branding contains only what is absolutely essential; its minimalist expression evoking the ‘Less is More’ maxim that defines contemporary elegance,” they continued.

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“Its pared back style, nature-inspired colour palette, and refined typography combine to create a unique and consistent brand character that conveys the honesty, purity, and integrity of our products, and a sense of understated luxury that fits well with modern homes and lifestyles.”

Owen Drew found its genesis at the heart of the kitchen table in the summer of 2016, initially as a creative outlet, and a hobby for Drew Cockton.

Surprisingly, it was never intended to become the business it has become today, but it has. And that’s a good thing, because now, customers get to enjoy their scented candles, luxury soaps, perfumes, bath oils, and other home fragrance, bath, and body products.

Since launching, the business has gained a strong reputation for quality and superior customer service, with thousands of five-star reviews, and endorsements from celebrities and industry experts. Their products have been featured in high-end publications, including VOGUE, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Express, and more.

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