The Yorkshire Pasta Company: Sustainable, Premium Dried Pasta

The Yorkshire Pasta Company combines traditional artisan techniques learned in Italy, to create superb tasting, perfectly textured, premium dried pasta for all.

Launched by Kathryn Bumby, The Yorkshire Pasta Company dries it’s pasta on wooden racks at low temperatures overnight using solar power, allowing the flavour to develop as the dough matures.

The products are hand packed in bespoke paper bags: they’re plastic free, and they’re fully recyclable.

The pasta is made using local milled wheat four and water, making it vegetarian and vegan.

The Yorkshire Pasta Company’s Kathryn Bumby started out by selling homemade scones when she was just fifteen years old, before going on to work at a civil service Food Science Laboratory in York (the FERA), before moving to Nestle R&D in 2015, where she worked in confectionery, specialising in Wafers.

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After spotting a gap for sustainably made pasta that was not imported or packaged in plastic, we set out to create incredible British artisan pasta. We formed the Yorkshire pasta Company in March 2019, and we launched our first products in May 2020,” said Kathryn.

Now, The Yorkshire Pasta Company can now be found in over 450 farm shops, delis, and independents up and down the country, as well as in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. In 2021, the brand was featured on James Martin’s Saturday Morning ITV show, and last month, Davina McCall raved about their pasta on her lifestyle podcast, ‘Making The Cut.’

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