Barries: Better Tasting Mayo Than Other Plant Based Options.

Five gourmet varieties of vegan mayo. Barries was born from a love of mayonnaise, and a drive to create a better-tasting mayo than existing plant-based options.

Launched in 2019, Barries began when a chef named Ned teamed up with his childhood friend Roddy, to build a plant-based food start-up, which has already secured listings in Planet Organic and Daylesford.

Barries’ mayonnaise is perfect for: vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and reduceatarians. Swap out your regular mayonnaise, for Barries’ planet-and-chicken-friendly version, instead. Sorted.

Ned has been making mayo using his grandmother’s recipe for as long as he can remember. It’s been a lifelong obsession of his, and one that featured in every family meal without fail.

We started Barries after being disappointed with the quality and the taste of other egg-free mayo’s on the market. We wanted to create something that has true flavour. Ned always felt that the plant-based condiment shelf lacked quality and goodness, so we created Barries from his love of mayo, and his knowledge of ingredients,” said Roddy.

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Prior to launching their yummy vegan business, Ned worked as an insurance broker in the city for fourteen years, but he left to become a chef in Africa; to follow his love of cooking. After returning, and after working in restaurant kitchens in London for four years, he set about testing mayonnaise recipes, before starting Barries with Roddy.

For Roddy, this is the third business he’s started. He’s always been a big fan of Ned’s mayonnaise, so he jumped at the opportunity to be involved. Also, Barries are committed to sustainability: they use glass jars for packaging, and their labels are made from paper, not plastic. They’re also in the process of switching from aquafaba, to a cleaner label plant extract of starch and protein, which means: no waste and minimal energy consumption.

During the worst period of COVID-19, the pandemic forced Barries to change their business model from wholesale to retail, which meant amending their recipes to cater to larger scale production with a longer shelf life. However, this resulted in even more success, with the brand being featured in the Evening Standard and Vanity Fair.

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