Superzeros: A New Nut Free, Gluten Free Protein Cereal Brand

Launched this year in 2022, Superzeros = nut free, and high in fibre. They’re gluten free, they’re low in sugar, and they’re low in refined carbohydrates. Done.

Avoid the cravings that follow high glycaemic index foods with Superzeros.

Noel Eves founded Superzeros in May 2022, after a successful career in retail: he was a category buyer at Tesco, and he ran the UK online business over at Graze.

He became disillusioned at the lack of healthy breakfast cereal options on offer, and the high sugar they contain. He also felt that it was important to recognise new opportunities as well: the arrival of new HFSS legislation for a non HFSS cereal, the explosion of the rapid delivery grocery sector, and the continued growth of sports nutrition innovation into mainstream food saw room for the creation and growth of Superzeros.

It’s the real deal on the nutritional front. Much of the existing category requires you to eat as much sugar as protein to hit your goals, so it’s not a good choice. We’re also uncompromising about quality and taste. We’re the only ones who’ll use high quality protein sources such as whey protein isolate,” said Noel.

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Noel’s goal is to improve the breakfast habits of the millions in their target audience. He’s in talks with supermarkets about producing an ‘on-the-go’ breakfast pot to be available in the coming few months.

Since launching, Superzeros has been awarded with ‘Star Buy’ in Women’s Running Magazine, and ‘Women’s Fitness Recommended,’ as well as being featured in the Metro, Hip and Healthy, and Men’s Health.

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