The Visual Book: Taking Traditional Photo Books To New Heights

The Visual Book: an innovative new brand that’s taking traditional photo books to new heights, with their linen-bound video books that display old memories.

The Visual Book was created by a young, Nigerian-born entrepreneur, named Aisha. Each visual book has a memory storage of 4GB, which is enough to save up to two hours of video footage. The batteries are rechargeable, equating to roughly three hours of solid playback time.

There’s buttons to play, pause, rewind, and forward, as well as volume control buttons, and a USB charger. The Visual Book is the perfect hybrid between traditional photo albums, and modern video technologies. Having grown up in a highly digital world, Aisha understands the important role that video plays in our day-to-day lives.

From catching a funny moment, to recording a dream proposal, videos can capture so much more than just photographs, acting as a wonderful way to create timeless memories. Aisha was determined to find a way to present these digitised memories to make them physically present in our lives, rather than leaving them stored on a phone.

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We live in a world where we’re always taking videos, and because I am constantly creating videos with my family and friends, I wanted to find an elegant, stylish, and beautiful way to showcase them and make them last, just as I do with my photo albums,” said Aisha.

The initial idea behind The Visual Book came to Aisha in November 2021. She had just graduated from University in Business Management and Economics.

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