LEBARDE Natural Skincare. It’s Chemical And Preservative Free

LEBARDE is a handmade skincare range containing all natural ingredients. It’s free from chemicals, synthetics, alcohol, artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Maia Gigiberia Founded LEBARDE, because she suffers with sensitive skin. LEBARDE is her own solution to her skincare needs. Now, she aspires to help others, too.

Using ingredients found ONLY in Nature, Maia has lovingly-created skincare creams of the highest quality. Her unique skincare range has won multiple Beauty Awards, and her brand has been featured in world leading magazines.

The products are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Also, they include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rejuvenating skin cells naturally. The packaging used comprises of recyclable eco-friendly materials, and bespoke exclusive design gift boxes and bags.

Maia started her business in 2019.

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She launched her first product in 2020, with the help of a Government start-up loan.

“I am originally from the west of Georgia – ancient Colchis and have been raised in a pharmacist’s family and I think it is my genetic gift. I like researching, creating, testing, and experimenting with products. I also love creating unique designs,” explained Maia.

Find out more here: https://www.lebarde.co.uk