ALLAVARE: The Story Of A Century Old Cleaning/Laundry Range.

ALLAVARE makes its products at its HQ in West Wales. They’re rooted in a book of cleaning remedies created in the last century by a housemaid named Bette Smith.

Founded by Ed Willes, ALLAVARE is an eco-friendly home and laundry cleaning brand that brings a housemaid named Bette Smith’s secret recipes to life.

Bette grew up in London. She went into service in 1922 at the age of 14. She started out in Belgravia, and she went on to clean in some of the UK’s most prestigious houses, AND she made her own cleaning products using formulas passed on by her mother, which she included in a book.

Bette became good friends with Ed Willes’s mother, Vanessa Willes, and the secret formulas in “Bette’s Book” were produced commercially by Vanessa’s company, Mangle & Wringer.

Now, having moved from the Cotswolds to a farm in Llandeilo, Vanessa has handed Bette’s Book and the company to her son Ed. Ed (who used to work in his mother’s business) has now re-branded the business to ALLAVARE (from the Latin saying “to wash”), and he’s launched an extended range of products based on Bette’s classic cleaning remedies.

All of ALLAVARE’s products are sustainable. They contain NO harsh chemicals, petrochemical ingredients, fillers, artificial fragrances, or dyes. Instead, they rely on simple, natural ingredients, such as lemon juice, vinegar and coconut oil, and with an eye for recycling, they come in metal tins and refillable glass bottles, too.

ALLAVARE’s recently-launched home-care range includes concentrated spray and go cleaner, concentrated cleaners for granite and glass, pure liquid soap, bathroom balm, and kitchen cleanser.

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“I like to say that we’re minimalists when it comes to product formulations, because we use the simple ingredients that get the most output,” said Ed.

Thanks to his simple formula, his brand is already enjoying success with mothers, eco-conscious shoppers, and people with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema.

I believe that you should look after your house with ingredients that care for your items – and if you treasure a piece of clothing, you should use products that will look after it without being harsh,” said Ed.

Just as harsh products can dry out your skin, harsh chemicals can damage clothes over time. For example, our natural oxygen bleach releases oxygen bubbles that helps lift stains from the fabric fibres, and because it breaks down into oxygen when in water, it’s septic tank-safe and eco-friendly,” added Ed.

Despite re-branding and re-launching just recently, ALLAVARE has already caught the media’s attention, and was featured in Wales 247, and in Woman and Home Magazine.

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