Sassy Shop Wax Has Launched Some New Flavoured Lip Balms.

Sassy Shop Wax (the much-loved home and body brand) has just launched their very own flavoured lip balms, which includes Whisky & Cola and Pineapple Slushie.

The balms are vegan and petroleum-free. They’re full of nourishing, natural extracts, and they’re suitable for sensitive skin.

For six months, Sassy’s team of experts tested several different formulations until they eventually arrived at a game-changing formula with high-quality ingredients that tasted amazing.

The brand (who are famous for their beautifully-scented wax melts and whipped soaps) was set up by Keely Parsons in 2017 (who previously worked in recruitment), with her partner Theo joining the business later on in July 2019.

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Now, Sassy Shop Wax is heading for a turnover of £2.5m; backed by a loyal following, an ever growing social media reach of over 100,000, and celebrity fans.

The dream of being a mum has driven my passion for creating a family-friendly business, and I’m enjoying the best of both worlds, and that’s the bigger message I carry. Be honest with yourself about what you really want, and then go for it,” said Keely.

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