Harpreet Kaur Has Opened A 3rd Oh So Yum! Store In Bradford.

This year’s Apprentice winner and Lord Sugar’s business partner, Harpreet Kaur has opened a 3rd Oh So Yum! store in Bradford, and today, we attended the launch.

This isn’t the first time we’ve come into contact with Harpreet and Oh So Yum!

In April (2022), we got the scoop on Harpreet’s Apprentice winner announcement, and in May, we caught up with Harpreet in person (in Oh So Yum!’s Huddersfield branch) to find out how it’s been going with Lord Sugar.

Harpreet excitedly revealed to us that Oh So Yum! were on their journey towards opening more stores. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting patiently for more information, and today, we’re excited (and proud) to announce that Bradford is where it’s at.

“I live in West Yorkshire, and my two other stores are based in Huddersfield and Leeds, so it just made sense for us to set up shop in Bradford. It’s a very busy city, it attracts a lot of people from out of town – as it’s a great food hub, and I’ve had a lot of customers wanting me to set up over here,” said Harpreet.

Unlike other stores, “this store will be our flagship store, which Lord Sugar’s investment has helped to set up, so it’s a really special one. Out of our three stores, this one has the most seating for customers, and we’ll be installing a cool photo booth too,” said Harpreet.

ALSO, “we’ll be serving all of our classics, including waffles, shakes, cookie dough, and more. The unique creations I have created, including my best selling cookie cups, brookies and pies – are all on sale to eat in or take away in boxes,” said Harpreet on what the new store in Bradford will offer.

Harpreet (who grew up in Birmingham until the age of 11, before moving to West Yorkshire) started her career at Barclays bank, an experience that helped her to overcome her shyness.

NEXT UP, was Oh So Yum! (formerly known as ‘Barni’s’), which Harpreet launched six-seven years ago, with her sister, Gurvinder. Initially, the business started out with a kiosk at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, but a Huddersfield branch followed shortly after…

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After winning The Apprentice, Lord Sugar’s investment and expertise enabled the sisterly duo to roll-out a delivery service, as well. “Lord Sugar seems quite happy with where we’re at at the moment, and we’ve got a plan. We’ve got lots of exciting things in the works. I’m really enjoying working with him and his team. They’ve been really supportive. It’s been extra pressure, but I thrive under pressure.”

So what’s next on the list, then?

“I’m looking into creating a range of mini desserts, which will be great for events, corporate, and hospitality, so watch this space,” she said.

Now, Harpreet is now on a mission to become the number one “go-to” dessert brand in the UK.

“I’ve created my own unique range of desserts: cookie pies and cookie cups. You may find some at your local bakers, but there isn’t a one stop dessert brand that’s able to provide them with nationwide delivery, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“There aren’t many dessert brands that are doing both: a physical shop, AND online delivery, and I really want to become the number one dessert shop, so if you think ‘I want a yummy sweet treat,’ you’re gonna think of Oh So Yum!”

Congratulations on the launch, Harpreet, and thanks very much for the invite.

To find out more about Oh So Yum! in Bradford, click here.