Bone Idyll: Small Batch Spirits And Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

Launched in 2022, Bone Idyll is a Kingston-based bar and distillery that makes small batch spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails – packed with passion and taste.

Opened in June 2022 (and headed up by respected local restaurateurs, mixologists and entrepreneurs, Sam and Alex Berry from No.97, Cento Uno, and The Hideaway), Bone Idyll’s new independent venue has been strongly welcomed by fellow Kingston locals, and by travellers who are looking for a refined refreshment.

This innovative immersive distillery and bar is a stunning new addition to Kingston’s thriving local food and drink scene, where visitors can experience Bone Idyll’s curated range of premium specialty spirits and cocktails.

The collection includes vodka, a Barrel Aged Gin, a Blushing Pink Gin, and a London Bone Dry Gin. Also, there’s five ready-to-drink cocktails: a Pink Gin Cosmo, a Margarita, a Barrel Aged Negroni, a Passionfruit Daiquiri, and an Espresso Martini.

Unfortunately, when COVID-19 arrived, Sam and Alex Berry (a husband-and-wife team) were forced to close their four existing restaurants, so they decided to develop a spirit and cocktail collection, instead. They managed to raise funding from fifty members of the local community. Within three weeks of launching their fundraising campaign, the total investment sat at £500,000, smashing their initial funding target by £200,000.

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We wanted Bone Idyll to inject a bit of fun into the market. Although the products were created in a traditional way, and we’re proud of that, we’ve added our own little twist – both taste-wise, and in the design,” said Sam.

The bar is about kicking back and relaxing. We wanted it to have a casual feel, like your kitchen when you have people over. We lost so many opportunities to meet new people during COVID-19, and this is about bringing that back,” added Sam.

Bone Idyll’s spirits can be found in all of Sam and Alex’s venues, and in Enotira & Coe, Speciality, and Master of Malt.

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