Earthy Enrich: The Revolutionary New Smart Kitchen Composter

LAUNCHING THIS MONTH, Earthy is a brand new start-up that’ll reduce household food waste, with its revolutionary new smart kitchen composter, the Earthy Enrich.

The Earthy Enrich converts food waste into a soil enhancement in FOUR HOURS in the comfort of people’s homes.

The brand’s Founder, Jack White – wanted to find a solution to the food waste problem that would fit in with today’s modern, technological lifestyles, and… he’s succeeded.

With more than ten years’ experience of working with tech start-ups including Groupon, YPlan, and Simba Sleep, Jack used his expertise to set up Earthy.

In an ideal world, all food waste would be recycled centrally, but that is not the case, and it’s not likely to be the case any time soon. If adopted widely, Earthy could have a significant impact on reducing co2, methane, and food waste impact in the UK, but at the same time, improve lifestyles, and encourage beautiful blooming flowers and shrubs,” said Jack.

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The vast majority of food waste in the UK is (unfortunately) NOT collected by local Councils, OR composted. Instead, it’s mostly sent to landfill – where it generates lots of CO2, and methane.

Earthy has already received praise from customers, such as Karen Clark who said: “we’ve had Earthy for 12 weeks, and we’ve filled a 20-litre container with the resulting ‘earth’ to add to compost for our garden. We use ‘him’ almost daily, and as a result, we no longer have food waste hanging around, or going to landfill.”

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