‘Minor Figures’ Has Unveiled Their NEW ‘Everyday Oat’ Range.

Minor Figures (the cult oat milk brand) has unveiled their brand new ‘Everyday Oat’ range. Find out more about the launch on this article on Gramersi.com today.


  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals,
  • A creamy, dairy-free milk alternative,
  • Tastes great on cereal, in smoothies and in hot drinks,
  • Totally plant-based,
  • 100% carbon neutral,
  • Has no added sugar,
  • Made for people who love oat milk,
  • Bolstered with the benefits of calcium, iodine, and vitamins B2, B12, and D.

Choose from the ‘Everyday Oat Standard, and ‘Everyday Oat Light,’ which has the creamy taste, but with less fat and sugar. Designed for the fridge, the products can be enjoyed in your at-home latte, as much as in your morning smoothie, AND they come with the barista standard quality you’d expect from Minor Figures.

The new launch comes at a time when Minor Figures has just achieved it’s B Corp certification.

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Born in East London, the brand was Founded in 2015 by Stu Forsyth and two other friends, all of whom came from the coffee brewing and roasting industry.

We make great, innovative plant-based products for oat milk lovers, baristas, and a better planet. The launch of Everyday Oat brings this commitment to even more moments throughout the day, whilst also delivering a hit of the vitamins and minerals that are commonly lower as part of a plant based diet,” concluded Stu.

Find out more here: https://minorfigures.com