Saving Discarded Cashmere, With The Nearly New Cashmere Co.

Shop nearly new, WITHOUT compromising on quality. Nearly New Cashmere Co. (the Yorkshire sustainable fashion brand) restores + recycles 100% discarded cashmere.

The Nearly New Cashmere Co. was launched in 2015 by Alison Orr, an Ebay expert, and a full-time mother. To date, the brand has stopped over 25,000 pieces of cashmere from heading to landfill.

Thrifty by nature, Alison has always disliked household waste, whether it’s food, or the fast fashion culture she witnessed her four children surrounded by.

As an avid second-hand shopper and seller, Alison discovered a source of discarded 100% cashmere. Each piece is hand-picked and meticulously reconditioned.

The quality of the finished product is exceptionally high, hence the name ‘Nearly New.’ The result? A serendipitous collection of cashmere available at an affordable price.

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“I Founded Nearly New Cashmere Co in 2015, after finding a source of discarded 100% cashmere set to go to waste,” said Alison.

As an experienced eBay seller, I immediately saw an opportunity to restore these cashmere jumpers and sell them for more affordable prices, all whilst helping to minimise fast-fashion waste, and encourage more consumers to shop for second-hand cashmere items,” added Alison.

I began restoring and recycling these cashmere pieces into affordable, like-new, luxury cashmere clothing and accessories, before selling them online. In October 2019, we opened a shop in the Yorkshire Dales, and today, the brand has an ever growing presence online. We also run various pop-up stores at events across the UK,” Alison concluded.

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