Homethings = Eco-Friendly, Planet Positive Home Care For All

Keeping your home (and your world) clean. Homethings: the eco-friendly home care brand that’s committed to developing powerful planet-positive products for all.

Founded in September 2020, Homethings’ range of water-less, refillable, plastic-free cleaning products was designed to reduce single-use plastic waste, and to offset the carbon impact of shipping heavy water-based cleaning products around the world.

The range includes spray bottles, dishwasher tabs, laundry pods, washing up liquid, sponges, and floor-things pods.

The brand is proudly made in the UK/EU, with 87% of components sourced in the UK. As well as this, they’re certified by the Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International (Leaping Bunny), and they’re a B-Corp.

Homethings’ Co Founder, Tim Keaveney, first came up with the idea for his business whilst living in a flat-share in London.

Every person in the flat had a range of products that were clogging up space in the bathroom and kitchen – shampoos, shower gels, and cleaning products, you name it – and each product was packaged in single-use plastic. Originally, the plan was to come up with a solution that meant we could still use the everyday products we needed without creating so much plastic waste. But this turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg,” said Tim.

As Tim started to research the market, he was shocked to discover that most cleaning spays and solutions are made up of around 90 – 95% water, which is being produced, packaged, and shipped half way across the world – to make it onto supermarket shelves.

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“The problem I wanted to solve was bigger than plastic. It was about shaking up the whole production and shipping model for home care products,” said Tim.

Homethings impressed the judges on BBC One’s Dragons Den; receiving five investment offers, and they launched nationwide into 230+ Waitrose stores.

Additionally, they won The Times’ Earth Ad Fund, receiving £250k’s worth of grant-funded print media spend.

Prior to founding Homethings, Tim was a VP in the consumer and ecommerce team at Barclays; leading D2C scale ups and disruptive brands. His partner and Co Founder Matt Aubrey’s background is in impact investing and sustainability; having worked his way up to Partner and Operations Manager at Bethnal Green Ventures.

Find out more here: https://gethomethings.com