Mishu Shrestha (From Nepal) Is Coming To London Fashion Week

Coming all the way from Kathmandu in the Himalayas, impressively, Mishu Shrestha is the first ever Nepalese designer to come to London Fashion Week. Get ready.

Mishu Shrestha wants her customers to focus on the beauty of life and humanity, and… she’s succeeding.

After completing a fashion design course in Milan in 2012, she launched “MISHUS” in November that year.

Giving back, and culture preservation through textile craftsmanship is what’s driving MISHUS forward, with the aim of touching global audiences via a unique take on “Himalayan Chic.” MISHUS’ first international ready-to-wear collection is inspired by silhouettes of leaves, traditional weaving patterns, and motives.

The designs are simple, yet exquisitely-crafted using sustainably-sourced, refined cashmere, Nepalese silk, hand-woven silk, Georgette silk, and eco-responsible denim (which contains a 35% viscose that’s sourced from Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), – the first ever fully-integrated viscose producer in Asia to turn sustainable plantation into fashion).

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MISHUS’ cashmere and silk fabrics are hand-woven and handcrafted with Swarovski and threads; embellished against vibrant spring summer colours.

Shrestha is a Nepalese businesswoman, an industrialist, and a Kathmandu-based fashion designer that brings over two decades of experience across manufacturing and hospitality to the table. She runs her own manufacturing businesses of high-end cashmere products and hand-knotted carpets, and she’s a Board Director at the Radisson Hotel in Kathmandu.

Find out more here: https://www.instagram.com/mishusdesigns