BeeHype: The Story Of An Award Winning Gourmet Honey Brand.

Launched in 2019, BeeHype is an award winning gourmet honey brand that was Founded by two young entrepreneurs with a shared passion for healthy, natural foods.

The Founders, Stela and Mo, are on a mission to make honey exciting once again. They want to create healthy, vitamin-rich treats that everyone can enjoy.

The journey began with 80-hour work weeks, job-juggling, and a PhD. With no savings, at first, the duo could only afford to purchase a small batch of 300 jars, and everything had to be done in house (labels, photography, marketing, etc) to cut down on costs.

The pair started out with rare honey varieties from pristine regions. They debuted the UK’s first ever raw honey preserve – a healthy alternative to the everyday staple strawberry jam.

An increasing number of people suffer from hay fever, gluten, dairy, and nut allergies, and, we’re a vitamin deficient population. THAT’s what inspired us to start the craft honey revolution, and to found BeeHype,” said Mo.

We took our honey to local markets. We gave samples to thousands of people, and the reactions were always the same – surprise and pure joy. This gave us the motivation to keep going,” said Stela.

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And that’s exactly how their award-winning Salted Honey, Cacao Honey, and Chilli Honey were born: healthy, two-ingredient alternatives to salted caramel, Nutella, and sweet chilli sauce, – with a fraction of the calories, NO palm oil, NO refined sugar, and NO nasties.

Now, BeeHype is experiencing huge growth, with revenue increasing three-fold year on year, to the point where Stela has left her marketing career behind to focus on building the business, instead.

Today, BeeHype can be found in over 100 farm shops, delis, and independents across the UK.

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