Hayaty Natural: Gender-less Skincare, Inspired By Ancient Egyptian Recipes

Hayaty Natural: a vegan skincare brand that was inspired by the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian beauty formulas; using organic, natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

Founded in 2021, Hayaty Natural’s ingredients are sourced from local communities in Egypt and Italy.

The brand is gender-less, fair trade and GMO-free, with a 2% donation from each purchase going to charity.

For Ancient Egyptians, self-care was a large part of their daily routine. It was considered an act of holiness.

And this is why Hayaty promotes self-love and self-esteem as a core philosophy. ‘Hayaty’ means ‘my life’ in Egyptian. The brand was born out of Randa Zaid’s personal struggles with self-image.

Taking inspiration from her Egyptian roots, Randa developed Hayaty as a natural, holistic way to focus on self-care, rather than through society’s accepted notions of beauty.

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There are two products: an Egyptian Recovery Night Cream, created to support and optimise the skin’s natural night recovery processes, AND an Egyptian Blessed Night Seed, which provides the ultimate moisture and nourishment, without throwing off it’s natural balance; reducing skin roughness, irritation, and dullness.

Randa Zaid was born in Egypt. She was raised in Italy, and she graduated from The Catholic University of Milan, with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage. She’s been living in the UK since 2017, and for as long as she can remember, she’s struggled with both an eating disorder, and an obsession to conform to socially acceptable standards of beauty.

Randa’s turning point came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she realised that her priority must be to look after her health, and her overall lifestyle. “Now, more than ever, we MUST listen to our body’s needs, starting from our biggest, most protective organ: our skin,” said Randa.

Find out more here: https://hayatynatural.uk