Green Up Your Kitchen Today – With A Vistafolia® Green Wall.

Bring your walls to life. Green up a small corner of your kitchen, or spruce up a large-scale commercial project with a Vistafolia® artificial green wall panel.

The artificial plants that adorn the Vistafolia Panel system were developed over many years by Vistafolia’s Founder, Paul Alder, who launched the brand back in 2015.

Paul gained his wealth of experience over two decades in the horticultural and technical landscape industries.

Not every wall is conducive to a green wall, and not every budget has the depth to maintain a real living wall, and that’s where Vistafolia comes in,” he said.

Throughout his career, Paul has won multiple awards on the most difficult horticultural circuits in the world.

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Starting off at the Royal Parks, he later went on to earn twelve national honours in England, five Chelsea medals (including the highly desired Gold), and a Gold medal at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Now, Vistafolia is sold worldwide. Also, the team are planning to launch a sustainable product, where artificial plants will be made from biopolymer, instead of with traditional polymers.

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