Luna Daily Has Launched A #PublicCervixAnnouncement Campaign

Luna Daily‘s #PublicCervixAnnouncement campaign is raising cervical screening awareness, AND it’s encouraging companies to give time off – to those who need it.

A recent survey conducted by Luna Daily has revealed that almost 90% of women would be more inclined to book a screening test if they were granted the time off by their employer.

In response to this, Luna Daily has launched a #PublicCervixAnnouncement campaign to raise cervical screening awareness, and to encourage companies to give time off to those who need it. Impressively, so far, the campaign has convinced over thirty companies to sign up, including Soho House, Psycle, Allbright, Thursday Dating, and more.

About Luna Daily

Luna Daily is the go-to vegan feminine hygiene brand that everyone’s talking about. The business was set up by Katy Cottam in 2019, to make natural products for women, and to start important conversations about womanhood.

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The more we can normalise conversations about Womanhood at all ages and stages, the more we will destigmatise it, removing the embarrassment and the shame, helping everyone to embrace changes, and what it means to be a woman in a more inclusive, positive way,” concluded Katy.

To join the pledge, click here.

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