Heura Has Launched Heura City, A Minecraft Mini Game Series.

To celebrate it’s new burger, Heura has launched Heura City – five Minecraft mini games designed to raise awareness about sustainability and plant-based eating.

The new Heura burger contains 30% less saturated fat than a traditional burger, and an even higher protein density.

Consumers rated the new burger as “juicier, more satisfying, and tastier overall.”

Throughout the five Minecraft mini games, Heura City highlights the benefits of plant-based eating in a fun, unexpected way, leading to a labyrinth search – where players have to find the ingredients to create their own high-protein, low-saturated fat, plant-based burger (from scratch of course).

We wanted to go where the Good Rebels are, and find an exciting way to let people know that there are delicious, healthy, more sustainable options to enjoy your favourite foods,” said Heura‘s CEO, Marc Coloma.

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The games were hosted by the international gamer, Elisa Waves – through her Twitch channel. As a plant-based food lover and multidisciplinary artist, Elisa was able to explain the purpose behind each mini-game.

Heura entered the UK market in 2020. The brand was Founded in 2017 by Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños.

Heura is the fastest growing 100% plant-based meat company in Europe, and is on a mission to create solutions that make the current food system obsolete; accelerating the transition to a world where animals are kicked out of the protein production equation.

Find out more here: https://heurafoods.com