Hôrd Limited: Handmade Bespoke Leather Goods And Accessories

Originally launched in 2011 by Gemma Gilleard, Hôrd makes high quality, handmade bespoke leather goods and accessories – from British and European leather.

The range includes a leather clad hip flask, a mountain credit card holder, and some traditional drink-ware products, including tankards, hip flasks, and insulated flasks.

Other products in the range include leather journal covers and pencil cases, key fobs, bookmarks, patches, wallets and coin purses – all of which can be created in various colours, to suit each personality.

Hôrd was originally started in 2011 by Gemma Gilleard. The brand was formed from an offshoot of a passion project called Gx2 Homegrown, which included illustrations, home ware products, and leather work. It was later on in 2014 that the business re-branded to Hôrd.

Prior to launching Hôrd, Gemma studied womens-wear at the University of the Arts London, however after bagging her degree during a recession, she struggled to find work. This was when she realised that she needed to take the bull by the horns, and forge her own path instead.

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My experience with textiles led me down the path of leather work, a material I hadn’t had the chance to work with at University, but one I had always loved the texture and longevity of.” said Gemma.

Inspired by our local landscape, by old leather bound books, and by vintage hiking gear, I began to create small accessories that you can take on all your adventures. I wanted to create a brand that celebrated heritage from a modern viewpoint, and to create products that stood the test of time for all genders,” added Gemma.

Find out more here: https://hord.co