Dinggly Doorbell: QR Code Doorbells That Stick To Your Door.

Respond to door visitors quickly, easily and in a non-disruptive way – via speech or messaging, with a Dinggly QR code doorbell (as seen at the Ideal Home Show).

Launched in 2021, Dinggly Doorbell is a simple alternative to the existing invasive video doorbells on the market. The product comes in four different colours: Black, White, Chrome, and Bronze.

The installation is a simple two-step process:

  1. Download the app, and
  2. Stick the device to your door. Simple.

It’s also worth mentioning that the device doesn’t require any wiring, drilling, batteries, or WiFi in order to set up. To use, visitors can simply point their camera at the code, tap, and press the virtual bell. Sorted.


Dinggly Doorbell is an extension of its’ parent brand, Dinggly Ltd – which was established in 2015. Dinggly Ltd provides wireless pager systems and call buttons for hotels, restaurants, offices, retailers, and manufacturing plants.

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Dinggly Doorbell was born from a partnership between Anthony Robins and Ed Dayan, who Co Founded the company after working on the parent brand, Dinggly Ltd. The duo launched Dinggly Doorbell, because they wanted to create a sleek solution to the over-saturated, invasive internet doorbell market.

“The products allows you to quickly respond to door visitors via speech or messaging, without overly disrupting the occupant or visitor’s day,” said Anthony and Ed.

Putting the kids to bed? On an office call? Can’t let the delivery driver in? Visitors can simply scan the door, and get in touch with you via the app,” added Anthony and Ed.

Dinggly Doorbell launched at this year’s Ideal Home Show. 1000 units were sold during the event.

Find out more here: https://thisisadoorbell.com