Meet Danny Lowe From BLOCKHEAD, Who Invented The Energy Gum.

Inspired by an absorption lecture at Uni, Danny Lowe launched BLOCKHEAD to provide the best functional toolkit for people on the go, via its ENERGY Gum and other products.

BLOCKHEAD’s popular Energy Gum is a peppermint chew that contains a fast-acting caffeine, which gives customers an immediate performance boost. It’s used by athletes, sport people, and fitness enthusiasts, as well as people on the go.

The range also includes a White Gum, a Vitamin Gum, and Performance Sweets.

The product was developed by Danny Lowe whilst he was studying Sports Sciences at Swansea University. After being inspired by a lecture on absorption, he developed the energy gum concept.


Unlike coffee, energy drinks, and caffeine pills, Danny Lowe and BLOCKHEAD’s Energy Gum – delivers an espresso’s worth of caffeine in just FIVE minutes, in comparison to the usual twenty five minutes.

We’re building products for every need, that allow people to block out distractions – by focusing their mind, body, or both. We empower people to be ready for anything, by providing products that can fit in their pockets,” said Danny Lowe.

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