Tracey Cooper: Homeware And Kitchen Textiles (Made In The UK)

Tracey Cooper launched her brand as a side hustle to pay for her daughters after school clubs and activities, before turning it into a brand in February 2021.

The Cooper range includes kitchen textiles and home-wares, such as velvet cushions, tea towels, oven gloves, storage bags, aprons, and pot grabs, AND… they’re made in the UK.

Prior to launching her business, Tracey initially trained and worked as a Graphic Designer. But in her early 30’s, she became a Counsellor/CBT therapist, instead. “As a therapist working in mental health, I realised the importance of looking after my own, said Tracey.

After losing my husband, I started to use my illustration as a form of mindfulness to help me unwind from all the intrusive thoughts and stresses of life. I then had an idea to make cushions from these illustrations, and when friends and family wanted to buy them, I decided to make more.”

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Tracey’s daughter has been a core inspiration behind the artwork choices she makes. Her brand is now listed with more than 65 stockists worldwide.

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