Comfortable, Practical Clothing (From Bealies Adaptive Wear)

Bealies Adaptive Wear makes bespoke joggers and trousers – with a unique opening that enables comfortable dressing and catheterising for its disabled customers.

Bealiesadaptive trousers are higher at the back (to avoid sagging whilst sitting and transferring), ensuring that everything is covered.

The range was designed in partnership with a small focus group, ranging from participants who experienced spinal cord injuries in their adulthood, to those who were born with cerebral palsy, and more.

Thanks to the feedback and insights gained from this support group, Bealies redesigned their joggers with a slim fit leg. However, they haven’t gotten rid of their regular fit option. In other words, there’s something for everyone.

Launched online in September 2021, Bealies Adaptive Wear opened a physical store at Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet (SK5 7DL) on December 3rd 2021, too – to coincide with ‘International Day of People with Disabilities.’

The brand was Founded by a social worker, named Caron Mcluckie. The business was inspired by her son, Emile. In January 2016, Emile suffered a spinal cord stroke, which left him paralysed from the chest down.

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Emile has no bladder or bowel function, and we must self-catheterise to empty his bladder. It soon became clear once we got into our daily routine, that clothes do not fit properly whilst sitting in a wheelchair. More importantly, the comfortable joggers that Emile likes to wear did not provide easy access to catheterise,” said Caron.

“I undertook research and spoke to a wide range of people, including wheelchair users, carers, physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists – to find out the issues they faced when getting dressed or supporting someone getting dressed. With this research, and with my own experience with Emile, I approached The Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University, and I created a prototype with two students,” said Caron.

Since launching, Bealies’ outfits have been worn by George Dowell, the owner of Worthing Football Club, and the paralympian, Kare Adenegan.

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