The Dartmoor Artist: Sustainable Art + Hand Painted Home-ware

Founded by a 40-year-old artist named Sarah Smith, The Dartmoor Artist makes sustainable pieces of art, and hand painted home-ware items to glow up your space.

Sarah built her business from her bed after an unexpected sneeze.

“I sneezed in bed one morning in 2016, prolapsed the discs in my lower spine, and I taught myself to paint during my recovery from spinal surgery! I decided to turn my ‘epic fail’ into a small business that now, a few years later, supports me and my family,” said Sarah.

Working out of her farm in Devon, Sarah’s pieces celebrate British design, with a love of the countryside. Think paint brushes, a herd of cattle, and two kids. All of Sarah’s creations are hand-painted on sustainable poplar, and wrapped with eco tissue. Each product is bespoke, and they can be personalised/customised, too.

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Prior to launching her business, Sarah was a musical theatre lecturer for over a decade. She spent her days delivering vocal training, acting techniques, and choreography for aspiring performers. She left the profession to dedicate more time to her young family. Prior to her back incident, Sarah had “never had a creative background or painted.”

Since launching, The Dartmoor Artist has been included in the 2022 list of the UK’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs for the #ialsocampaign, was celebrated at The House of Lords, and was one of the UK’s Top 100 for Small Business Britain.

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