Fortune’s Favour: Pure Silk Scarves, With Hand Drawn Designs

“The effortless style of the chic jet-set crowd of the 60s and 70s.” Set up by Gemma Oakley, Fortune’s Favour = beautiful silk scarves, with hand drawn designs.

Prior to launching Fortune’s Favour, Gemma Oakley was the Brand And Marketing Manager for the hairdressing group, Umberto Giannini. Whilst she was on maternity leave, she discovered the joys of illustration as an alternative mindfulness activity to yoga and meditation.

Finally, after many years of practising illustration (daily), pouring over books, and avidly watching tutorials, she began to carve out a new career in illustrating, which led to the launch of Fortune’s Favour in April 2022.

I wanted to create a product with purpose – that elevates a persons mood, style, and confidence, with an injection of the effortless style of the chic jet-set crowd of the 60’s and 70’s,” said Gemma.

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Fortune’s Favour is an antidote to fast-fashion. We operate on small runs, and all of our scarves are designed to be loved for years to come – by this generation and the next. Whenever I create a new piece to add to the collection, I always think about how it will play a part in someone’s adventures and experiences,” said Gemma.

Gemma’s unique hand-illustrated prints and bold colour combinations are designed to transcend trends and seasons. They’re inspired by an Italian heritage and an Anglo-French upbringing. All in all, the brand is an eclectic mix of refined English style, Mediterranean flair, and French ‘je ne sais quois.’

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