2022: (Vietnamese) Tran Hung’s Return To London Fashion Week

©Chris Yates/ Chris Yates Media

This year (2022), Tran Hung (from Vietnam) returned to London Fashion Week, with an SS23 collection that boasted ready-to-wear women’s-wear and luxury menswear.

The silent catwalk (held in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, following her passing) brought the creativity of Vietnam to the global fashion stage.

The concept for Train Hung’s SS23 collection was derived from nature’s romantic florals, with inspiration ranging from classic roses – to poppies – to chrysanthemums.

The new collection brings together the beauty and colour palette of spring summer blossoms, with sleek silhouettes introducing a sexy and elegant take; paired alongside exquisite craftsmanship and opulent materials, – to create a collection that’s synonymous with Tran Hung’s recognisable style.

As well as presenting his ready-to-wear women’s-wear collection, he launched a luxury menswear line, too, – with elegant and modern styles being pushed to the forefront. This is a Vietnamese fashion label that’s developing an ethical and sustainable fashion house, by continuing to pave the way in the region.

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Tran Hung’s use of high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials are prevalent in ALL of his collections, with Vietnam silk, tulle, and taffeta building the base of his signature fabrics. 90% of the raw materials used are environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced, and, each design is handcrafted with high-quality Swarovski and Miyuki beads.

This season, the label (once again) collaborated with TikTok Vietnam; presenting it’s 9th collection as part of London Fashion Week; both physically and digitally – via the social media platform.

Also, Tran Hung is the ONLY designer in Vietnam who has been to London Fashion Week for more than three years; with NINE consecutive collections appearing on the London Fashion Week homepage.

The inspiration behind the label (which was established in 2016) stems from the powerful inspirational women in his life: strong independent females that empower independence and liberation.

Find out more here: https://www.tranhung.com