Hearth: The Innovative, Plant Powered Energy Beverage Brand.

Hearth: the innovative, plant powered energy beverage brand. Hearth are launching two refreshing new flavours: Passion Fruit + Lemon (they’re naturally sweetened).

The new flavours contain Yerba Mate, a naturally-caffeinated herbal infusion, that provides a sustainable release of energy and focus that helps to maintain calm and relaxation. Yerba Mate originates from the leaves of a species of a Holly tree found deep in the rain forests of South America. It contains 7 out of 9 essential amino acids, and nearly every vitamin and mineral that your body needs.

Mate also contains stimulants, including a trifecta of caffeine, theophylline (found in tea), and theobromine (found in chocolate). This combination is responsible for the invigorating effects of Mate, without the jitters associated with coffee, or other traditional energy beverages.

The drink also contains ascorbic acid to support the immune system, and natural fruit juices, with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, or preservatives.

We discovered Mate as newlyweds, when Charan wanted to move away from traditional caffeine sources for his morning pick-me-up,” said Pavan Gill.

It wasn’t something that was readily available in the UK, and you had to go to specialty stores, or buy the traditional wooden gourd and metal straw to enjoy the benefits of Mate. We wanted to make it accessible, and to share the wonders of this elixir with more people. We set off on the journey of testing and tweaking until we came to Hearth as you know it today. It was, and it still is a labour of love, hence the strapline: from the Earth, with Heart!”

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Hearth’s cans are recyclable, and for every purchase made via their online store, one tree is planted.

The brand was founded by Charan and his wife, Pavan. They received their first batch of cans in August 2020. After getting married in 2018, the couple asked decided to start a business, as they both came from entrepreneurial families, and they wanted to follow that path.

Pavan is also the Director of Product at the prestigious online florist, Flowerbx, and Charan works for a fund that invests in both startups and financial markets.

Find out more here: https://www.drinkhearth.com