Pit Pro: The BBQ Subscription Business (Born Out Of Grief).

“From tragedy, to job loss, to Pit Pro…” Pit Pro’s story follows Liam Carlton’s journey after the tragic death of his father-in-law, followed by a redundancy.

Tragically, during the first COVID-19 lock-down, Liam’s father-in-law, Terry, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and sadly, he passed away in March 2021. Less than 24 hours later, Liam was made redundant from his position.

Following these unfortunate circumstances, Liam decided to channel his time and energy into something he was truly passionate about: BBQ’s.

Aged 31, he left the corporate world to set up a BBQ brand named Pit Pro, which he launched in July 2021, as a subscription-based business that was built on the idea of making great, affordable BBQ recipes available to everyone.

Now Liam has hundreds of customers, bringing in several thousand pounds per month and manages his thriving business with the help of Mettle, the free business account from NatWest.

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“My father-in-law had saved his whole life to have a happy retirement with his family. Knowing that I was perhaps on the same course in a corporate environment, this made me realise that it was time to venture into the unknown. I wanted to be able to enjoy my time whilst working. And I enjoy nothing more than a good barbeque,” said Liam.

Pit Pro’s subscription model includes a monthly ‘pit pack’ that contains two spice rubs, smoking wood chips, four recipes, and guides.

Find out more here: https://www.pitpro.co.uk