Powderkeg: The Award Winning Vegan + Gluten Free Beer Brand.

Powderkeg‘s beers are vegan/gluten-free. Their popular ‘Green Light’ beer is a low 1.2% ABV (which is perfect for those who want to reduce their alcohol intake).

The business was launched in 2015 by a husband-and-wife team, named John and Jess Magill. John and Jess launched the brand, because they wanted to bring “great modern beer to Devon.”

They were excited by the rise in popularity of craft beer, but they didn’t feel as though this trend was being reflected in their local beer culture, so they decided to do something about it.

For me, beer and brewing was a catalyst for change. It enabled me to escape drudgery, and it inspired me to choose a better life. I hope the same will happen to other people when they drink our beer. At a minimum, they might get a moment of happiness. At best, they might decide to change the world,” said John.

Powderkeg’s ethos is to make ‘free-thinking beer,’ which means ‘a fresh thinking approach’ to HOW they brew their beer, along with every other aspect of HOW they run their business.

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John was previously the head brewer at Exeter Brewery, and the Assistant Brewer at Cheddar Ales. He has a degree in microbiology. His wife Jess has a background in music and events.

Since launching, Powderkeg has won various awards, including the European Beer Challenge in 2021, Food Drink Devon in 2021, the SIBA Awards, Great Taste, and more.

Find out more here: https://www.powderkegbeer.co.uk.