Launching Today: Dome Vitamins: Iron Rich Chocolate Vitamins

Dome Vitamins‘ chocolate vitamins are rich in flavour. They’re perfect for those who suffer with low iron or bad periods, and they’re ideal for pregnancy, too.

The products have been formulated by renowned nutraceutical scientists. They’re 100% scientifically validated, and they’ve been taste-tested to the highest standards.

  • The Iron Assist supplements feature micro-encapsulated iron for high absorption. Designed for sensitive tummies, there’s no side effects, no bitter aftertaste, and the added Vitamin C, B6, and B12 can help to combat fatigue.
  • The Period supplements will add iron into your bloodstream, to replenish any losses made during your period.
  • The Prenatal vitamins are the holy grail of all formulations: they include micro-encapsulated iron, Liposomal Vitamin C and D, and buckwheat-enriched folate, with maximum absorption.

The chocolate domes are morning-sickness-friendly, and they deliver the exact nutrients that are required during pregnancy, as per the Department of Health recommendation.

Although Dome Vitamins are officially launching today, the brand was founded back in 2016, by a husband-and-wife-duo, named Tanya Shukla and Dr Masood Moghul. Tanya is a qualified pharmacist, and Masood is a doctor who works for the NHS, as well as running a ManVan project for the early detection of prostate cancer.

Tanya had a terrible experience with prenatal and pregnancy supplements during her pregnancy. She struggled to take large repulsive capsules and tablets that only worsened her morning sickness. She couldn’t bear the side effects of iron in these prenatal supplements, and they wrecked havoc in her sensitive tummy.

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As a result, she became iron deficient, which of course – aggravated her pregnancy fatigue. Tanya and her husband Masood vowed to find a solution for herself and other women who were in the same boat as her.

“I am so excited to be launching a brand that’s a one of a kind. It is special, unique, and hopefully life-changing for everyone who shares similar experiences to me,” concluded Tanya.

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