The Sustainable Microfibre Washing Machine Filter (By Gulp).

A Bristol-based micro-plastic technology company (Matter) launches Gulp on Kickstarter on October 11th. Gulp is a sustainable washing machine microfibre filter.

Matter is an innovation company that pioneers ​technological solutions for capturing, harvesting, ​and recycling microplastics.​

Their soon-to-launch product, Gulp, is a sustainable, long-lasting washing machine filter that catches up to 90% of all microfibres from every laundry cycle, giving you plastic-free washing, with ZERO replacement filter costs, and NO additional waste.

Gulp is about creating a long-term solution for one of the biggest challenges of our time. It’s a sustainable, scalable piece of technology that empowers people to become part of the solution, and make a real difference. It’s easy to install and use, and it’s designed to fit washing machines across Europe in millions of homes,” said Founder and CEO, Adam Root.

We’re building the future we want to see, a UK manufactured product, a full circular model for the material captured, spare parts available, and end of life recycling. This product will be the pinnacle of sustainable design,” said Adam.

If half of UK households had a Gulp installed, it would prevent more than 3,000 tonnes of fibre from entering our ecosystem per year, which is the equivalent of enough material to fill over 4,000 double decker buses. Gulp can be easily installed on all European washing machines, too.

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It’s compatible with any detergent, and it doesn’t require replacement filters or other parts. The filtered microplastics caught by Gulp (a substance which is like the lint from a tumble dryer) can be sent to Matter’s HQ. The brand is working to utilise this residual waste, by recycling it for reuse – closing the loop on microplastics.

Matter was founded in 2018 by Adam Root. Adam is a keen scuba diver, and a former Dyson engineer. Now, he’s on a mission to change the relationship between water and the environment. Adam left his job at Dyson and set up Matter to provide solutions to the colossal challenge of microplastic pollution.

Being the leader in microfiltration with full circle sustainability and longevity at the heart of the business, Matter’s development and growth is focused on cradle-to-cradle solutions. Their mission is to stop microplastic pollution at source.

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