Finbo Illustrations: Hand Designed Gifts, And Home Products.

Launched in 2020 by an artist named Kate Hendry, Finbo Illustrations creates hand designed cards, gifts, aprons for children, oven gloves, tea towels, and more.

Kate was made redundant from her graphic design job whilst she was on maternity leave, so she decided to set up her own business, instead. This has enabled her to set her own working hours, and spend more time with her son.

Kate started to design and create artwork for her son’s nature-themed nursery, and the business grew from there.

I focussed solely on British Wildlife, because I thought it was important to showcase the creatures we can all see on our doorstep. I wanted to instill the ‘explorer mindset’ into my son from an early age, and that carried on through more illustrations,” said Kate.

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Finbo Illustrations’ products are plastic-free, the packaging on their cards and prints are fully compostable, and everything else is recyclable. Two years into her entrepreneurial journey, and Kate’s business is now proudly stocked in some local retailers.

Her creations feature a number of unique creatures, zuch as Monarch the fallow deer, and Belinda the bee. Each illustration can take up to twenty hours to complete.

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