UDU Games: A Handheld Motion Control Console (For Immersion)

UDU Games‘ console (which is available on Kickstarter) makes mobile gaming active and engaging through motion control and AI, whilst encouraging outdoor time.

UDU is a Danish tech and gaming start-up.

The idea was born in 2018, when Asbjørn H. Christensen (who was working as a design and engineer intern at LEGO at the time) realised that almost all of the toys and games that kids and people play – forces them to sit still.

As a result, UDU was founded in 2019 with a vision to turn gaming into an active, outdoor activity, which the UDU CONSOLE aims to do for kids and families alike. Hence why it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets, with games constantly being added. It’s a console that will provide a new attitude and experience to mobile gaming.

The device is already a 2022 Platinum winner of the MUSE Produce Design Award, and backers can gain up to 40% off when they make a pledge on Kickstarter, with send-outs expected to happen in April 2023. This is the first console to be truly made for the outdoors. Its sleek, compact, ergonomic, and durable.

The console fits naturally into either hand, and its incredibly intuitive to use. The device comes with a wristband, to keep it securely in the hand of any player – preventing any accidents when the game might be getting competitive, or when movements become more erratic.

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The casing ensures that the console is water repellent and robust, so that it can be used outside, without any worries of breaking if its dropped on the floor in a puddle, or caught in rain. “With UDU, we set out with a team of industry experts to make an entertaining new gaming experience that is fun, active and outdoors,” said Christoffer B. Christensen.

Because you move and feel just like your game character, the play becomes so immersive and fun that you don’t even notice you are moving around and burning calories outdoors.”

Find out more here: https://www.udugames.com

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