The Fruit Moth: Clothing And Accessories (Made With Vintage Fabrics)

Launched in 2020 by Nicole Broad (who lives with partner and her little dog), The Fruit Moth makes elegant and original garments (that are kind to the planet).

Nicole (from Manchester) started to make clothing and accessories from vintage and remnant fabrics, after she found it difficult to find beautiful vintage dresses that suited her body shape.

“I spent eight years flitting between marketing jobs, never feeling satisfied, and constantly having this little voice in my head telling me that there must be more to life,” said Nicole.

“I needed to release my inner peacock, and help other people to do the same. I wanted to create unique, beautifully crafted clothing and accessories that could elevate any outfit, and bring the fun back to people’s wardrobe,” she said.

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Nicole opened her own shop inside the Manchester Craft & Design Centre in June 2022, and now, she provides personalisation, custom orders, and alterations, as well as ready-to-wear garments and accessories.

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