‘Yogipod’ By Georgie Davies: Handmade Yoga + Meditation Props

Yogipod‘s Founder, Georgie Davies, is a yoga teacher who makes all of her yoga and meditation props by hand in the UK, – using hand-printed fabrics from Jaipur.

The ethos behind the brand, is to inspire customers to look after themselves, and to find some calm during the day.

As a yoga teacher, and as someone who had practiced yoga for a long time before becoming a teacher myself, I was sick of props looking really utilitarian, and because of this, I wasn’t inspired to use them,” said Georgie.

“By creating props that coordinate with your home, they’re much less likely to be hidden away, and in turn, they’re more likely to be used for self care moments,” added Georgie.

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Since launching, Yogipod has been featured in a wide variety of online publications, as well as hosting a pop-up in John Lewis for a week in January this year.

There is something very special about seeing your products in such a British institution, and that gave me a lot of confidence,” said Georgie.

Find out more here: https://yogipod.co.uk