Peak Moods Launches A 2nd Mood Enhancing Beverage: ‘Unwind.’

Peak Moods Drinks has announced the launch of ‘Unwind,’ the second of their revolutionary mood-enhancing beverages (made with natural nootropics and adaptogens).

Unwind is an all-natural, sparkling mood drink – infused with natural nootropics and adaptogens.

It’s known to improve key brain functions, and it’s made with a selection of unique active ingredients – raising serotonin levels in the brain.

Available in two mellow naturally derived flavours, ‘Peach Rose’ and ‘Blackberry Hibiscus,’ ‘Unwind’ contains Magnesium – which regulates stress and reduces cortisol levels, Glycine – which helps to control mood, sleep, and repair cells, Theanine – which helps to reduce anxiety, and last but not least, B Vitamins – which boosts vitality.

My ADHD can make it difficult to switch my brain off. Reaching for alcohol has always been my ‘go to,’ but as a business owner and a young parent, I can’t afford to be groggy and sluggish the next day. We’ve formulated the perfect blend of natural calming ingredients to calm your mood and quieten your mind, without the downsides,” said Louie Syred.

Launched in 2020, Peak was created by two friends named Louie and Ben. They both dropped out of school aged 16.

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Ben went on to build an established career in finance with Goodwood, and Louie became the creative director of an international CBD brand.

Years later, we rekindled our friendship after a chance meeting on Brighton beach. We both shared the frustration with how cultural drinking habits affected our health and potential. 1 in 2 Gen-Z’s suffer from poor mental health every day. As a neuro-divergent person, I’d struggled with self-medicating my ADHD, and Ben had recognised the social pressure surrounding drinking,” said Louie.

This year, Peak Moods Drinks hit up Lunch! Festival, their first-ever trade show.

With over 400 brands exhibiting, they wanted to make as much noise as possible on their first day, so they brought a street magician with them who went round with a branded deck of cards – performing to buyers and winning their votes. They ended up winning an award.

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