Bombus: Personalised And Handmade Decorative Maps And Gifts.

Handmade in Faversham, Kent, and founded two decades ago by Amelia Coward, Bombus creates personalised gifts. Their best selling product is their wedding map.

Bombus was Founded in 2002 by Amelia Coward, a professional artist. The business started out on Amelia’s kitchen table.

Amelia was inspired by the art she found in old vintage maps. Her initial idea was to give these vintage maps a new lease of life, by turning them into something beautiful, to be loved and used once again.

“Our purpose at Bombus is to create emotive, meaningful, and personal gifts – that’ll capture your memories forever,” said Amelia.

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“We’re a sustainable and ethical business. We hope that the love we put into hand-making our products will create the perfect forever gifts for our clients,” added Amelia.

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