Olivetreehome: Beautiful Handmade Ceramic And Glass Candles.

Launched in 2017 as a furniture redesign business, Olivetreehome pivoted in 2019 into a ceramic candles brand (there’s home fragrances and skincare items, too).

The company was created by an interior designer, named Helen Mitchell.

Adding something as small and as simple as a scented candle to a room’s surroundings can create a welcoming atmosphere instantly. This small, yet important discovery inspired Helen to set up Olivetreehome.

Olivetreehome’s bespoke olive branch ceramic collection includes british stone clay that’s hand made, which is later hand filled with natural wax in a selection of sizes varying from small 100g pots, to a 1.5kg, five-wick bowl. The Boutique collection (designed to complement the ceramics) is a glass collection that displays a delicate screen-printed olive leaf design around the glass, along with a hand-sanded oak timber lid.

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There’s also a hand and body wash duo, a hand and body lotion pair, a scented reed diffuser, a stainless steel wick trimmer, a candle snuffler, and a subscription service (to ensure that your home never runs out of scents).

The beautiful Norfolk based family run department store, Bakers & Larners have invited me to become a home fragrance brand within their store. Excitingly we launched last week,” said Helen.

Find out more here: https://olivetreehome.co.uk