Cornwall Studios: The Arty Lifestyle Brand For Decorated Homes

Lock-down 2020: freelance illustrator Jacquie was unable to spend time in the ocean. This inspired her to launch the ocean-and-outdoor-inspired Cornwall Studios.

Cornwall Studios makes and sells ocean-and-outdoor-themed art prints, coasters, cards, stickers, and now – calendars.

Jacquie has been a full-time freelance illustrator for over twenty years.

“I was predominantly a digital artist.

But lock-down gave me the time and space to pick up a paint brush once again. Something just cracked open and spilled out. Rediscovering paint, pencils, paper, and canvas re-awoke that love of getting messy in the medium, and creating art just for the feeling it ignited within,” said Jacquie.

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“Wild swimming had taken off, and people were discovering the benefits of a cold water dip. I shared Crescent Moon Swim on a Facebook Group called ‘Art for Swimmers.’ The response was immense, and the orders flooded in. I have sold 500+ copies of this print, and even more cards. It has been my most successful piece of work ever,” said Jacquie.

Cornwall Studios’ ‘Wild Water Woman 2023 Calendar’ sold out on its first day of pre-order. It features twelve delicious images of Wild Water Swimming.

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