Noted. Aromas (The Story Of A Successful Fragrance Brand).

From getting kicked out of college in America at the age of 23, to building a multi-million pound business (Noted. Aromas), Thomas Gibson is one to watch.

Thomas was exposed to business at a young age. His parents (who are successful entrepreneurs) inspired him to want to follow in their footsteps.

In 2016, Thomas decided to embark on a marketing degree in America (to equip him with the skills he needed to make a business flourish), but he was kicked off the course, and sent back home to England.

“It was a really tough time for me. It was scary,” said Thomas.

“I ended up in a few different jobs, including working for a clothing wholesale company that was selling on end-of-season lines to retailers, before briefly setting up a confidential document shredding service, which we sold in 2019,” he said.

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In 2020, a 29-year-old Thomas and his brother had an idea for a business: high-quality designer dupe fragrances.

“The past couple of years have been incredibly hard for people up and down the country, so we wanted to create something that was luxurious, but with a price point that was accessible to everyone, and that’s where the idea for Noted. Aromas came from,” said Thomas.

After more than a year of rigorous product development and testing, Noted. Aromas is already close to 10,000 orders; employing thirteen members of staff, at the company’s Durham headquarters.

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